About us

Seuren Tables was founded by Michel Seuren in 1996. Michel Seuren designs from the basic premise that everything is possible, all options are available. This is shown through creative solutions and the use of unique materials. Every single one of his tables is one of a kind. His tables fit in nicely in industrial settings. A combination of hard and soft. Built to last but sophisticated. He draws inspiration from the world around him. Industry, the countryside, urban environments, rural villages. Clean lines in bridges with industrial design. Influences from times past when the streets were narrow and the buildings stately. The interplay between nature and man’s living environment.

As the years passed, his tables experienced the same development he did. You would see a more robust leg, or a softer shape. The result was a range of tables suitable for different types of people, different styles and different lifestyles.

The tables are made in our own workshop by skilled carpenters in accordance with the client’s wishes. Unique, carefully-crafted tables emerge from our workshop.

For us, a table is an important piece of house furniture. A table is a place where people come together. We want our customers to have top-quality tables that exude timelessness. A table that will be the centre of new memories to be made.

Our motto is ‘People meet People’ for a reason.